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[04] rainbo

I roll the brown leather skates off the counter. I huddle them into my chest. Indifferent to the scuffs and stains, I lace up. Muffled music overtakes the locker area babble. The dj pumps up the crowd— his smooth voice as lure. The song starts. Instantly the chatter bangs out into squeals. A flood of skaters surge toward the rink from fluorescent-lit carpet to polished wood floor. I insert myself into the ebb and flow. "...let the music play, he won't get away..." streams generously from the lips of every skater. The walls flicker. Shadows and colorful lights dance on the sidelines. I smile watching skaters twist and turn, forwards and backwards, grinning and singing. Gliding around the rink, I stare at the spinning disco balls. I watch them spin and shine fun from ceiling to ground.

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